Everything About Outdoor Fire Pit Construction

Outdoor fire pits or camp fires are very common nowadays particularly during camping or during outdoor events. The camp fires can be much more enjoyable in addition to a requirement during winter nights. Here’s an overview on the best way best to construct a wonderful outdoor fire pit. As security comes before everything else, the first step is to select a location that is away from anything flammable. Flammable structures or heaps of leaves that are dried or dried wood need to be avoided. This would ensure safety against accidental fires. As soon as you have zeroed in on the place, make your outdoor fire pit by drawing the outlines of your pit. You can draw a rough circle of approximately one foot and a half circumference in which you need to dig your pit. The next step is digging.

Outdoor Fire Pit

Dig for around one foot deep. Following this, clear the round pit and remove the debris and loose dirt. While doing so, make sure the sides of the pit are somewhat straight and level. Needless to say, there are no particular size limitations for outdoor fire areas you could always go for a larger pit if you prefer. When the rough pit is dug, you need to put a bed of gravel 6 centimeters around the circular pit. Then mix some mortar with water. Use the trowel to spread the mix from the pit is foundation, say about 6 centimeters of mortar. You could then leave it for drying, ideally for another 24 hours. The next step is to put another layer of mortar inch thick. Then put several brick on top of this layer one after another until the floor level is attained. Leave the mortar for drying before you begin filling in the gaps between the bricks and the ground  with dirt. And that is all of your outdoor fire pit is prepared!

Now you can build a fire in your external fire pit. Another modification you could make to your pit would be to add more bricks around the bricks and mortar. This can help you make a safe border for your outdoor fire pit and stop any logs or embers from getting out. You can further alter or increase your outdoor fire pit. You could continue to create the mortar and the bricks before your required height is reached. At the very best, if you could leave a gap for placing coal. Portable fire pits offer you the maximum flexibility and versatility and come in a number of shapes, sizes, materials and can meet just about any budget requirement. They can range from small portable campfires you can take with you on holiday to full size outside dinning fire tables. They may be fuelled by burning wood, natural gas, propane or gel and click here now firepitmag.com to understand more. The major advantage they have over a permanent one is that you can reposition them whenever you want or want to.